19 Apr
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21 Jul
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1 Sep
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5 Dec
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The Best Organisational Development Programme is growing with many L&D people having a more hybrid L&OD role. 

We are looking for examples of excellence in the OD arena that can demonstrate a maturity of approach in defining and developing organisational frameworks and culture.

This category is open to any internally developed coaching or mentoring programme. It can involve the use of external coaches but should be owned by the applying organisation. It can involve any type of coaching model or methodology. This award is looking for a coaching programme that has made a substantial contribution to organisational success.

Applications into this category could come from a broad range of change management initiatives which have produced results across a wide field of options – including culture change, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, internal communications, performance improvement, process reengineering and so on.

TJ is looking for outstanding and innovative leadership development programmes from any sector.  The initiative should be new and original and not simply the implementation of an existing accredited programme – although subsequent accreditation of a new programme may be advantage.

The best sales programme is looking for inventive approaches in developing sales teams. While a seemingly easier category to evaluate TJ is looking for programmes that use new methods and ideas to engage with sales people to increase sales and performance across the organisation.

The entries should demonstration how the use of the technology has been linked clearly to business goals and should not simply be an exploration of the technology used but a demonstration of how the use of this technology had made real impact on business results.

Customer service is recognised as a key differentiator for business success and as organisations compete for customers in the today tough economic climate developing those individuals and teams of the customer service department is vital. TJ is looking for L&D initiatives that tackle the issue with clarity and commitment in order to ensure that customer service delivers real results for the business.

Training partnerships are all about great collaboration and finalists have shown understanding and co-operation between two or more organisations to achieve goals and business outcomes. A particularly competitive category of the TJ Awards programme reaching the shortlist here is a real achievement. 



This category is open to private /commercial organisations regardless of size. The judges will be looking for entries that demonstrate learning and development’s understanding of their company’s business objectives and their ability to design, deliver and evaluate their interventions accordingly.

As youth unemployment remains alarmingly high tackling jobs and opportunities for our young people is a social imperative.  TJ’s best apprenticeship programme looks for new and innovative ways in which organisations are offering work and training opportunities to young people. Entries have to come from fully accredited apprenticeship programmes only.

This category covers all aspects of operations from policy and compliance to induction and health and safety, but should not be used to enter a programme that would suit one of the above categories. It is open to any type of operational training in any organisation in any sector. It must however demonstrate that L&D fully appreciate the operational needs of their organisations and produce initiatives that meet those demands innovatively, timely and effectively.

Open to all publically funded organisations including Government departments, NHS organisations, local authorities, and so on. The programme entered can be any training or learning initiative that has made a substantial contribution towards the success of the organisation with reference made to a specific project or innovation.

This category gives high-functioning L&D teams the opportunity to showcase their achievements. We will be looking for the best in team working and L&D with a specific focus on business and organisational outcomes.

The individual should demonstrate a clear understanding of best practice excellence in the field of L&D – this can be supported by a proven track record over a number of years or through a significant contribution to an organisational initiative over the last 12 months.

Open to entries from all not for profit organisations including charities, social enterprises and, community programmes at both national and local level who can demonstrate that their initiative has had real impact on the organisation and its customer group, community or beneficiaries.