2016 Winners

The winners of the TJ Awards 2016 were announced at The Brewery in December 2016 and hosted by TV and radio presenter, Kate Garraway.  The venue was buzzing with excitement and anticipation as 500 sponsors, guests and finalists gathered to celebrate best practice in learning and development and to recognise the very best in the field.​

During the evening trophies were presented by guests and sponsors, led by headline sponsors DPG. TJ’s thanks go to all the 2016 sponsors: DPG, Blue Sky Performance Improvement, The CIPD, CPD Standards Office, Dods Training, GetMyFirstJob, NCFE and Skillsoft - without their support the celebrations would have been much less enjoyable.

You can get a sense of the excitement and glamour of the 2016 Gala Dinner by viewing the photos here and the photos of previous years’ celebrations here.

The TJ Awards 2016 Gala Review can be downloaded here where you can read about the winners and sponsors.

Best coaching and mentoring programme                           

Gold - Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust
Silver - Southend-on-Sea Borough Council
Bronze - Daniel Swarovski Corporation AG - The Conversation Space

Judges’ comments on the winner:
“A truly inspirational programme. Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust has a clear and compelling story of delivering a coaching programme that has not only positively changed the lives of people within the organisation, but the lives of people outside of it as well by integrating coaching practices through patient care services.” 

Anne Thomas, Carmen Lester and Georgina Orton

Best training partnership                                                           

Gold - AVADO in partnership with the CIPD
Silver - Daniel Swarovski Corporation AG and Ashridge Executive Education
Bronze - Twinings and Lane4

Judges’ comments on the winner:
“The outstanding feature of this partnership is the sharing of risk and reward. They worked together to provide a solution to the digital skills gaps which existed in the CIPD community. AVADO had the expertise of online delivery, but needed the subject matter expertise of the CIPD. This showed a really good play of locking together two strengths of the partnership.”

Rachel Kuftinoff and Garry Goldman

Best not-for-profit programme

Gold - Riding for the Disabled Association
Silver - Fitzroy
Bronze - The Brokerage Citylink

Judges’ comments on the winner:
“This programme focused on the development of RDA’s 19,000-strong force of volunteers, particularly those looking for personal development opportunities as part of their volunteering activity. Given the size of the team designing and delivering the initiative, the judges were impressed with the commitment, innovation and communication skills of those involved.”

Perry Timms & Debbie Carter

Best organisational development programme

Gold - Southend-on-Sea Borough Council
Silver - Fuller Smith and Turner PLC
Bronze - Staffordshire County Council

Judges’ comments on the winner:
“We were struck by the resourcefulness of the OD team in developing their own models of change that resonated with employees and stakeholders alike. This enabled them to get the buy-in that was required and bring people along on the journey and get strong sponsorship from the CEO. We were impressed with the persistence and creativity of the approach – this really is a long-term programme conducted with limited budget.” 

Beverley Aylott and Emma Sawula

L&D professional of the year     

Gold - Eamonn Eaton, Bank of Ireland
Silver - Sunder Ramachandran, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals India
Bronze - Chris Battye, Discovery ADR Group

Judges’ comments on the winner:
“Eamonn has demonstrated that learning in Bank of Ireland is not a discretionary spend but an essential part of business success. He has a clear understanding of the business which informs learning strategy. There is a clear demonstration of performance data and metrics to show learning impact.”

Andy Lancaster and Jane Elliott Poxon

Best leadership development programme                         

Gold - House of Fraser
Silver - Crossrail
Bronze - Brakes and Lane4

Judges’ comments on the winner:
“The judges were impressed with the overall structure and delivery of the programme which has clearly been career- and life-changing for many of the delegates, adding value to the business and individuals alike. Senior leader sponsorship has contributed to the embedding of the programme, which has a strong potential for a lasting legacy within the business.”

Guy Bloom, Colin Jellicoe and Kevin Johnson

Best sales training programme

Gold - O2
Silver - GAME Digital Plc and Growth Engineering Ltd
Bronze - Hilti (GB) Ltd & SABMiller

Judges’ comments on the winner:
“This entry described the relaunch of an established sales academy. It would have been easy to simply evolve one or two small things. The result is a smorgasbord of business-focused development opportunities, robust sales manager coaching, and recognition of success. Of particular note was the attention to customer focus, and the inputs required to help the customer to buy and the uplift in sales has been enormously impressive.”

Clare O’Shea and Tim Royds

Best public sector programme

Gold - Surrey Police – Corporate Communications and the HYDRA training team
Silver - Intraquest Training and Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council
Bronze - Cafcass

Judges’ comments on the winner: 
“The communications team at Surrey Police has built a totally immersive learning experience using complex and challenging simulation techniques. The team is keen to evolve the programme to reflect changes in social media and best practices in crisis management. This clearly contributes enormously to the success of this highly dynamic, powerful and valuable programme. This is a worthy winner.”

Graham O’Connell and Tony Shaw

Best operational programme

Gold - Elior UK
Silver - British Airways PLC, Engineering Apprenticeship in partnership with SEMTA
Bronze - Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

Judges’ comments on the winner:
“Elior developed a programme not only to address a skills gap in their organisation but to address a skills gap across the country. A scarcity of skilled chefs has led Elior to internally develop chefs from a range of different backgrounds and have a significantly high success rate of trainees continuing with the company after their training.”

David James and Sati Kaur

Best use of technology in learning                                                         

Gold - U+, Rentokil Initial
Silver - Transport for London
Bronze - House of Fraser and Growth Engineering

Judges’ comments on the winner:
“A journey of true business transformation using learning technology as the enabler. This is the first common system across the whole company and supports collaboration, sharing of effective practice and a platform for designing more formal learning across the business. It has played a key part in improving attrition rates by 33 per cent while reducing costs. They have now taken what they have learnt and extended it to customers, thus turning L&D into a true profit centre for the business. This tipped this programme into first place into what was arguably one of the closest judging sessions to date.”

Laura Overton, Sarah Lindsell and Myles Runham

Best change management programme

Gold - Transport for London
Sliver - Fuller Smith and Turner PLC
Bronze - GES Group with Ingenuity

Judges’ comments on the winner: 
“This transformative change programme was led by Transport for London’s L&D team. It involved large-scale restructuring and reskilling of 5,000 employees and managers, and the programme has delivered measurably better customer service, employee communication and engagement.”

Richard Smith and Steve Macaulay (judges in the change management category)

Best apprenticeship programme                                              

Gold - Starbucks Coffee Company – in partnership with Remit Training and BPP Professional Education
Silver - Protyre and ProVQ
Bronze - Greene King supported by Lifetime Training

Judges’ comments on the winner:
“The Starbucks apprenticeship scheme is now fully embedded in the organisation and has improved engagement and attrition rates. As well as the business benefits, Starbucks recognises the importance of personal and professional development for all their people, from front line customer service through to senior professionals in head office.”

Paul Warner and Debbie Carter

Best customer service programme

Gold - Transport for London
Silver - hpc
Bronze - Loop Customer Management (Yorkshire Water) and The First Word

Judges’ comments on the winner:
This was a multi-faceted customer experience transformation programme that impressed the judges by its thoroughness, depth and results.”

Anne-Marie Hearne and Sarah Cook (judges in the customer service category

Best private commercial programme

Gold - Bank of Ireland with Accenture
Silver - TSB/Blue Sky Performance Improvement
Bronze - Daniel Swarovski Corporation AG – The Conversation Space

Judges’ comments on the winner:
“This entry covered two specific problems – driving increased use of digital channels and improving customer satisfaction. The bank developed a Digital Passport blended programme to build capability, which resulted in a significant increase in usage of digital channels. The implementation of the Welcome Programme addressed the customer satisfaction issue and has resulted in hugely more positive customer comments.”

John Baker and Andy Holmes

L&D team of the year                                                                               

Gold - House of Fraser
Silver - CBRE UK Ltd
Bronze - National Grid

Judges’ comments on the winner:
“This group worked together to reinvent their whole learning offering and, as a result, developed a modern, customer-focused service which is aligned to business strategy and fully supported by the executive. Their energy, enthusiasm and innovation has resulted in an integrated L&D approach that others should emulate. Inspiring!”

Yvette Wise and Margaret Burnside