2019 Winners

Best Apprenticeship Programme

Gold: Ibstock Brick Apprenticeship Programme : Ibstock Brick

Silver: Fuller's Chefs' Guild Apprenticeships : Fuller, Smith and Turner 

Bronze: KPMG Apprenticeship Programme : KPMG

Ibstock Brick’s apprenticeship programme wowed the judges with its inspirational and unique approach. When faced with challenges in the delivery of the programme a bold solution was found which has allowed the programme to develop and grow with the aim of future proofing the company which has an ageing workforce.








Best Coaching/Mentoring Programme 

Gold: Locala’s Internal Coaching Service : Locala Community Partnerships CIC

Silver: Strengths-Based Coaching and Mentoring Scheme : Cumbria Constabulary

Bronze: NatWest Coaching : NatwestMarkets

The judges felt this was the strongest project from the point of programme quality and impact on own staff but also indirectly on their patients. Their passion was obvious and the programme feels fully embedded and sustainable. The judges were confident that other organisations of all types could learn from their approach.








Best Commercial Programme 

Gold: LEAP and DRIVE : Spirax-Sarco Engineering and Interactive Workshops

Silver: Leading the Way to Engineering GREAT : IMI plc

Bronze: Embedding Ethics in AstraZeneca's DNA : Sponge

Judges’ comment:

The judging team were particularly impressed with the level of effort put into the learning needs analysis and the resulting programme design. The innovation was appreciated, in particular, the combination of the LEAP leadership development investment and the novel approach to creating a leadership book in one day, combined with the DRIVE, the team-based approach which has yielded impressive business results from the 500 people impacted by the programme.






Best Customer Experience Programme

Gold: Dining With Dignity - Texture Modified Food : Elior UK

Silver: Making a Difference : Coventry Building Society

Bronze: STEP-Up-To-SAFETY : Aspen Healthcare

Judges’ comment:

This is an outstanding programme which has transformed the way residents in care homes who have dementia and swallowing difficulties are provided with appetising meals with dignity.


Best Engagement Programme 

Gold: Strengths-Based Coaching Conversations : Cumbria Constabulary

Silver: TALIS UK - People Programme with Call of the Wild : TALIS UK Ltd

Bronze: Project FIRST at The Holly Private Hospital : Aspen Healthcare

Judges’ comment:

We especially liked the move from following policies and procedures to deciding “what is the right thing to do”. The incident where officers took a baby to hospital, and saved its life, despite this being against policy was an inspiring example.  Overall, it is a move from a low trust environment to a high trust environment. It is treating people like human beings, and enabling them to bring their whole self to work, rather than simply following compliance.



Best Leadership Development Programme

Gold: Trainee Manager Programme : Sainsbury's & t-three

Silver: Leading For Our Future : Central England Co-operative

Bronze: Managing At AIG- Building a Culture of Success : AIG

Judges’ comment:

Taking ‘real people’ into leadership roles of large stores this has proven to be a life changing programme for the participants and those they lead.  A real solution, meeting an urgent need to change the retail food culture the programme will now be taken to the wider Sainsbury’s Group.


Best Public Service/Not-for-Profit Programme 

Kindly supported by Charity Learning Consortium

Gold: Women and girls on the autism spectrum online training module : National Autistic Society

Silver: Security and counter-terrorism eLearning : Walkgrove and FORS

Bronze: Cats Protection's Volunteer Champions Programme : Cats Protection

Judges’ comment:

This was a very challenging project that was based on solid evidence that reporting on autism in girls was very low compared to boys. The team gave clear descriptions of how the problem exists and how they set out to raise awareness. The judges were impressed at the way the team had researched the problem and carefully considered how they could tackle this sensitive issue.


Best Talent Development Programme 

Kindly supported by DPG

Gold: The Whole Leader  - Best Talent Development Initiative : PwC Ireland

Silver: NextGen : Royal Bank of Scotland

Bronze: Breakthrough : RBS

Judges Comment:

The judges were pleased to see clear KPIs and strong qualitative and quantitative evaluation across various stakeholders, including participants, clients and colleagues indicating impact through improvements in behavioural change, engagement and intent to stay. It was particularly positive to hear first hand about a seasoned team member moving into their first leadership role after completion. With on-going review and adjustments to keep it current, PwC’s Whole Leader programme is cohesive and the worthy gold winner in the TJ Awards.


Best Training Partnership

Gold: AstraZeneca's Leadership Selling - Bill & Bob : Bespoke Training & Development Ltd

Silver: Lead by Example (LbE) : McCrudden Training Ltd & Wst London NHS Trust 

Bronze: Forming a partnership to embed a Global Safety Culture change programme : Virtual College and Make UK with Fujitsu

Judges’ comment:

This team were incredibly aligned – they looked like a group of people from the same company with the same vision, values and approach.  This entry demonstrated different organisations partnering together, they really demonstrated how they leveraged an existing partnership to develop something new and even stronger.

The presentation was very nicely personalised utilising the characters from their solution to bring their presentation to life.


Best Use of Technology in Learning 

Kindly supported by Skillpill

Gold: Transforming Professional Learning: Online and On Campus : Mindful Education

Silver: Using technology to embed a Global Safety Culture change programme : Virtual College and Make UK with Fujitsu

Bronze: Virtual Training : DUBAI POLICE

The winning team clearly illustrated that technology not only opens new opportunities for colleges to exceed business results beyond expectations, but it also changes the life opportunities of those who can now embark on career. This winning project is not just about delivering flexiblity but also about demonstrating democracy in action.



Best Diversity & Inclusion Programme 

Gold: Fairhealth - fairhealth.org.uk : Health Education England

Silver: Progressive Gender Portrayal : Paraffin & Diageo

Bronze: Skills 4 Career Development Programme for Women : Skills 4 Ltd

Judges’ comment:

The team identified a very clear, simple approach of providing easy-to-access resources which can be accessed by time-pressured healthcare professionals, each of which contains all the key information they need to know.  The content of each guide was checked with representatives from the relevant community to ensure accuracy and avoid stereotypes and assumptions. 

The delivery mechanism was very impressive.


L&D Professional of the Year 

Kindly supported by CIPD

Gold: Robert Stewart : Scottish Social Services Council

Silver: Lorna Matty : Toyota Financial Services, Europe & Africa Region

Bronze: Stephen Flurrie : East of England Co-op

Judges’ comment:

Robert’s outstanding work has not been limited to an individual organisation but has influenced a whole professional sector. Ongoing professional development is an essential factor that lies at the heart of all organisations and Robert’s pioneering and insightful work over a number of years has transformed social services practice in Scotland.


L&D Team of the Year 

Kindly supported by TMSDI

Gold: Leadership Development Team- AIG General Insurance : AIG

Silver: Building a Culture of Learning : Cambridge Assessment

Bronze: Imperial Brands - Transforming a learning culture : Imperial Brands 

Judges’ comment:

The team presented an inspiring video with all team members contributing. It was clear that everyone was passionate about belonging to the team and the results they deliver. The team is diverse and clearly engaged in what they do.

It was clear to the judges that the team understood the importance of spending time together, despite their busy, and geographically diverse, schedules.