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We are coaches. We develop leaders. We coach teams. TOWARD has been working with senior leaders from global organisations for over 10 years.

We are courageous. We create space for truthful conversations.

If you want your leaders to consistently perform at their optimum level, executive coaching is an ideal platform to support this. Coaching provides a powerful environment that allows the client to commit to sustained behavioural change. We are happy delivering this both face to face and remotely.

We are committed to supporting high performance in senior teams. We encourage teams to be courageous & go beyond the presenting problems to facilitate adult relationships. Teams need a purpose & a plan, however, they also need strong relationships that can thrive in pressurising, uncertain environments.

Team coaching is based on thorough diagnosis of existing & new data. We use this data to inform the process and to create a base line against which we can measure progress.

All our coaches are accredited and experienced working with senior leaders in large commercial organisations.

TOWARD also create and deliver a diverse range of bespoke leadership development programmes using knowledge-based experiential learning. Our programmes don’t just focus on the ‘now’, they support ongoing change in leaders by using simple and innovative methods to embed the learning for the future. We are committed to ensuring that our programmes are applicable and practice based rather than purely intellectual and conceptual.

Our programmes typically last 6-12 months, however the length of time and the methodology are developed in partnership with the client.

Website: www.towardltd.com
Twitter: @TOWARDLtd